TEDxUPMJakarta 2017: FORWARD

One catchphrase that is most commonly used, yet rarely examined, to represent an Indonesian way of doing things encapsulates itself in this phrase: “Moving Forward”.

Teachers use it to introduce the relationship between individuals and the nation. University professors mention it to encourage their students so as to build the country. Politicians often rely on it to evoke nationalistic fervor from constituents or crowds. The young generation, however, tend to find the concept too vague to use as actionable ideas.

The idea of having “Move Forward” has been ingrained in the minds of most Indonesian children since the country’s independence, but only rarely has its true potential been explored. Is it a patriotic principle? If so, how should communities and individuals act to fully realize it? If not, what does it mean to individuals? Either way, everyone has their own interpretation – even perhaps personal anecdotes of it. This is what TEDxUniversitasPrasetiyaMulyaJakarta aims to explore by bringing together inspiring leaders, visionaries, and artists from around Jakarta to share their personal Forward stories.